Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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The present state of our economy, is it in shambles, or in a state of reconstruction? There are those who say that we will bounce back, and others who fear that we are headed for the bread lines. Whichever view you tend to side with, just be comforted in the fact that not all is doom and gloom. You have made great strides in freeing yourself and your children from a violent lifestyle. For that, you are to be commended. No matter what shape our economy is in presently, there is still help for you, and I am here to assist you with finding it.

There are programs both public and private, whose main objective is to assist women who are caught in the cycle of domestic violence. You may have escaped the violence with just the clothes on your back, and you have no idea how you are going to make it. Or you may have been on your own for a while, and you are still struggling to put food on the table. In any case, there is help that you may not be aware of. There are many people who desire to profit from this information that I will share with you. However, I care about your plight, and from the heart, I am here to help.

In my research for government benefits, I came across this very amazing site chock full of information just for you. This is an official U.S. government website. And it lists over 1,000 government programs and benefits that may fit your present needs. When I Googled, http://www.govbenefits.gov/, it brought me to a screen where you could search for government benefits. On this page, you have the option of clicking on the "Start Here" button, or using the "Quick Search" option. This site also allows you to enter your email address for future updates. Ok, let's say that you are in need of childcare support. When you click on the "Quick Search" option and choose Child Care/Child Support-the next page will bring you to, http://www.govbenefits.gov/govbenefits_en.portal. This page will list various benefits, and a button to click for determining eligibility. You will be able to select the state in which reside, and view the program names in alphabetical order.

One such benefit is the Head Start program for children ages 3-5 years of age. Head Start was developed to “assist low-income preschool children and their families with developmental services.” You will also find assistance for employment, and self-sufficiency goals that will outline a working plan for your success in securing employment. Please note the program requirements, as you will have to be a resident of that state, parent or primary caregiver, and your household income may not exceed a certain amount. The income requirements are based upon certain criteria such as how many people reside in your household. This link will also list items such as immunizations grants, preschool grants for children with disabilities, social services and tax benefits for adoptive parents, etc.

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